3rd day of the 3rd Pyeongchang-gun National Little Baseball Tournament

The ‘3rd Pyeongchang-gun National Little Baseball Tournament’토토사이트 was held on the 18th at the Pyeongchang Baseball Stadium and the auxiliary stadium, and the Little Team in Gwangju City, Gyeonggi Province, the Little Team in Gunpo City, and the Little Team in Jangan-gu, Suwon each won victories.

On the 3rd day of the match held in the midst of heavy rain, the Gyeonggi Gwangju City Little Team played against the Hanam City Little Team and won a 10-0 cold victory.

The Gunpo City Little Team and the Paju City Little Team had a heated battle even in the rain, and Gunpo recorded an 11-7 victory over Paju.

The Suwon Janganguri Team played against the Yeongjeong Ulsan Dong-gu Union Little Team and won a landslide 19-0 victory. In addition, the Seoul Jungnang-gu Team won the victory by default against the Gimpo City Little Team.

However, due to heavy rain that day, the afternoon game was postponed to the 19th.

This tournament is hosted by the Gangwon Ilbo and the Korea Little Baseball Federation, and is sponsored by the Korea Little Baseball Federation and the Pyeongchang-gun Baseball Softball Association, Pyeongchang-gun and the Pyeongchang-gun Council, and the Pyeongchang Sports Association.

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