A congressman’s aide was transported tied to a bed… What’s going on at the officetel in the middle of the night?

A drunk person who was causing trouble in an officetel토토사이트 building was caught by the police. He even hit the paramedics and police officers who arrived, but it turned out that they were aides to a sitting member of the National Assembly.

Reporter Min Kyung-ho reports.


A 119 ambulance arrives in front of the officetel, and a moment later, a person is transported tied to a portable bed.

This is Mr. A, an assistant to a member of the National Assembly of the Democratic Party of Korea.

At approximately 10:10 pm last night (the 4th), a report was received that an unknown person was ringing the doorbell at an officetel in Gangseo-gu, Seoul.

Paramedics and police rushed to the scene together after hearing that he appeared to be a drunk person. Mr. A screamed and kicked and swung his fists at the paramedics and police officers who stopped him.

[Officetel resident: I screamed for about 30 seconds. I wondered what was going on, but I couldn’t open the door… .]

The police booked Mr. A on charges of obstruction of official duties, investigated him, and sent him home.

The lawmaker’s office said, “Mr. A was drunk and went to someone else’s house by mistake, and seems to have unintentionally caused trouble,” and said, “We will follow the disposition of the investigative agency.”

Mr. A is said to have visited the paramedics and police officers today and apologized.

A month ago, an aide to a People Power Party lawmaker was caught by the police while driving after drinking to the point where his license was revoked on the National Assembly grounds during the early morning hours, leading to a series of drinking scandals among National Assembly aides.

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