A man in his 30s died of thigh necrosis… Start with writing a memorandum and ‘stone it when you fall asleep’

The incident in which one man in his 30s was found안전놀이터 dead and the other was found seriously injured at a sleepy shelter on a car-only road was revealed to have occurred after repeating the act of hitting each other with stones when they fell asleep.

According to the Jeonnam Police Station on the 1st, an autopsy was conducted on Mr. A (31), who was found on the 29th of last month at a sleepy shelter in Soramen, Yeosu. As a result, sepsis and excessive bleeding caused by a thigh wound were the causes of death. The driver of the vehicle, Mr. B (30), was also in critical condition due to necrosis of the thigh.

Mr. A and Mr. B became friends after getting to know each other through an online game in 2020. Both of them had one thing in common: they earned their living expenses through daily labor.

The two often lent and repaid game money and cash. However, in the recent settlement process, it is known that the amount of credit and debt that each other thinks is different, causing conflict.

Then it turned out that they were arguing without sleep, saying they would see the end. During this process, if the other person fell asleep, they would slap them on the cheek or punch them in the face. He also hit the opponent’s thigh with a stone.

The two are said to have written a memorandum called a ‘confirmation of consent to damage’ to get rid of the dutal.

They argued for about three weeks and hit each other’s thighs with stones. In the process, skin necrosis occurred on the thighs of the two people.

Eventually, when Mr. A died, Mr. B, who reported it to the police himself, was also taken to the hospital for septicemia in the thigh and is receiving treatment.

The police plan to prosecute Mr. B for manslaughter and investigate the exact circumstances of the incident as soon as he regains consciousness.

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