‘Be a teammate of Lee Kang-in!’ PSG has decided on final candidates for Mbappe’s replacement… Man Utd’s FW is considering ‘five league goals’ this season

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) have named a Manchester United striker as Kylian Mbappe’s replacement.

The British Daily Mail reported on the 18th (Korean time) that “PSG has nominated Marcus Rashford as a final candidate as Mbappe’s replacement.”

PSG recently officially announced Mbappe’s willingness to move to a free agent after this season. French media reported that “Mbappe told his teammates during a training session ahead of the Nantes match that he would leave PSG,” adding that PSG and Mbappe will break up after this season.

PSG, which had been preoccupied with capturing Mbappe, plans to start assembling a new version of Mbappe in the coming summer instead of capturing him. It is considering recruiting several players with capital it has secured while sending Mbappe.

The candidates include Victor Osimhen, Rafael Leão and Mohamed Salah, who have already been proven on the European stage. Rashford was also named along with them, and PSG seems to have chosen Rashford as the final candidate.

The Daily Mail said, “PSG has reportedly named Rashford as Mbappe’s replacement. General manager Luis Campos is considering Rashford as a substitute. As Rashford signed a new five-year contract with Manchester United last summer, it is highly likely that Manchester United will ask for a large transfer fee. Jim Ratcliffe will decide.”

Rashford is one of United’s leading strikers. Making his professional debut for United in 2016, he was the spearhead of United’s attack last season, scoring 30 goals in 56 official matches.

However, this season is different. His offense power has significantly decreased. He only scored five goals in 23 league matches. In contrast, he scored 17 goals in last season alone in the league. He was also heavily criticized for his alleged drinking at a club. Nevertheless, PSG is expected to minimize gaps in its capacity and performance by recruiting Rashford, who can play in the same position, if Mbappe leaves the team. 꽁머니지급

In addition to Rashford, front-line striker Osimhen could also be recruited. The Daily Mail reported that Osimhen is also on PSG’s list of recruits along with Rashford.

PSG, which has entered the stage of completing its accompaniment with Mbappe, is expected to receive great attention as it will bring in Rashford and spur the formation of a new team.

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