Canada, bombed with ’18 points’ by Wipawi, meets Korea

The Thai national team, which featured Wipawi Sitong of Hyundai E&C and Phonpun Gedpard of IBK Industrial Bank, failed to win a single set. Canada, who is playing their third game without a win, is about to face off against Korea, who desperately wants their first victory. 

On the 2nd (Korean time), Korea and Canada will face off at the 2023 International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) Volleyball Nations League (VNL) held in Antalya, Turkey.

In Canada, both Van Reich and Jennifer Cross, who played last year, are missing. In the match against Korea at the time of the 2022 VNL, Van Reich scored 14 points, Kross and Alexa Gray scored 13 points and 11 points respectively, defeating Korea 3-0. 

The first set was evenly lost, 21-25, but Canada’s one-sided bombing continued from the second set. Korea’s defense was mercilessly pierced, and the game was over after only 1 hour and 8 minutes with holes in the receive. At that time, Cross made a big success with 3 points from blocking, 2 points from subs, and 8 quick attacks. 

The two players who performed so well did not make it to the entry this year.

Without the two players, Canada failed to win a single set in the previous match against Thailand on the 1st, being lopsided by Wee Pawee (18 points) and Chet Chuon (17 points). I couldn’t keep up with Fontun’s fast toss and collapsed in defense. 

It’s a draw team, but you can’t be careless. On the 30th of last month, Canada played a fairly decent game against Poland as a member, with Gray bombing 37 points and Howe scoring 15 points and leading it to a full set. 

Among the players who made the national team entry in 2022, the remaining players in 2023 are Murman (libero), White (middle blocker), Gray, Mitrovic, Howe (outside hitter), and Malio (middle blocker). .

On the other hand, Korea showed a good change in the first game on the 1st, such as players trying various attack routes. However, if the height of the midfield is lower than that of European players and the defense is disturbed from the middle of the game, the toss suddenly becomes short and low, making it difficult to say that it is a stable situation.

At the time of the first set, Park Jung-ah, who was standing on the side, received a low toss from Yum Hye-seon and fell, showing a disturbed movement line. The attack cover was also unstable, and I tried a pipe, but it invaded the line and led to a point. At the time, coach Cesar gave orders such as “Do a pipe attack when you can and put a strong serve.” 

However, the input of Pyo Seung-ju was very good. He showed a veteran down dig, and showed cool attacks from the side and back attacks. Although he does not score a lot (3 points), he is expected to play an active role as a card that brings the atmosphere to the start.   

There is nothing better to do if you can continue the momentum of the third set shown in the match against Turkey until the match against Canada. Although he is at a physical disadvantage in the attack height and middle, it is expected that a good game will come out if he tries to save as many balls as possible and, as Jung Ji-yoon showed, pushes the opponent using blocking. 토토사이트

Another advantage of Korea is that it did not consume much physical strength compared to Canada. Canada must continue its forced march for three consecutive days. 

The match between the two teams will be held at 11:00 p.m. on the 2nd.

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