Have you seen this reverse electrode? The winning goal 1 second before the end SK, 92-91 win over LG

Seoul SK won two consecutive victories in the enemy camp with a thrilling come-from-behind drama. 

SK beat Changwon LG 92-91 in the second game of the 2022-23 professional basketball semifinal playoff (3 wins in 5 games) held at the Changwon Indoor Gymnasium on the 16th.
With this, 3rd place SK in the regular league will go home after overtaking LG, 2nd place in the regular season, which went straight to the semifinals, with two consecutive wins on the road. SK will advance to the championship match with just one more win. 

LG lost in the first game, realizing the vacancy of Asem Marey, who was injured due to injury. Game 2 was different. After a close game in the beginning, LG finished the second quarter with a narrow lead, 46-43.
In the third quarter, LG overwhelmed SK. Reggie Perry (31 points), who was recruited as a substitute for Marey, poured 15 points in the third quarter alone. 

However, the concentration in the fourth quarter was shaken. In SK, while LG’s defense was concentrating on blocking Jamil Warney and Kim Sun-hyeong, Heo Il-young scored.
Heo Il-young scored a total of 24 points (3 3-point shots), scoring 8 points in the 4th quarter alone, and showed scoring ability like Altoran in the short game. Heo Il-young also led LG’s main gun and matchup opponent Lee Gwan-hee (19 points), whom he was in charge of defense, in scoring. 

The last minute of the fourth quarter was a drama. LG, which was being dragged, turned 90-89 with a shot by Yoon Won-sang following Justin Gutang’s steal 35 seconds before the end. Then, 32 seconds before the end, SK’s Jamil Warney, who made two free throws, made only one of the two, making the score 90-90. 

In the following SK attack,안전놀이터Warney’s excessive attack attempt failed. And in LG’s attack, Warney committed a foul under the goal on Kim Jun-il and was sent off for 5 fouls. 13 seconds before the end. The score was tight at 90-90.

However, Kim Joon-il of LG made only one of the two free throws, and in the last attack with 13 seconds left, SK Kim Seon-hyung attempted an unreasonable shot in a situation surrounded by three opponents, but the ball bounced. At this time, Leon Williams, who took the place of Warney on the court, grabbed the rebound, and the shot under the goal, thrown 1 second before the end, was sucked into the rim. 92-91. SK completed a come-from-behind victory like this.

Warney recorded 40 points and 11 rebounds despite LG’s intensive check. Kim Sun-hyeong posted 10 points and 6 assists.  

The third game between LG and SK will continue on the 18th in Jamsil.  

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