“He played in the final of the Champs, but he lost.”

A sports broadcaster shed new light on Son Heung-min brothers.

ESPN released a capture photo on its official SNS channel on the 8th (local time) where Son Heung-yoon, Son Heung-min’s brother, had a conversation.

It is part of the tvN documentary “Sonsational,” which aired in 2019, and contains a scene in which Son Heung-yoon sends a “fact attack” to his younger brother, who has just returned from the European Champions League final.

During the summer, Son Heung-min visited Son Woong-jung Football Academy in Chuncheon and reunited with Son Heung-yoon, who serves as the academy’s coach, for the first time in a long time.

The shooting team asked the brothers how they were doing and exchanged conversations, saying, “Son Heung-min recently entered the Champions League final 랭크카지노.”

Son Heung-yoon replied with a smile, “I lost, what?” It’s a joke that only “real-life brothers” can do. Tottenham reached the Champions League final for the first time in the club’s history in the 2018-2019 season, losing to Liverpool, and unfortunately suffered a setback.

Son Heung-min smiled brightly as if he had shaken off his pain and said, “We are this cold.”

ESPN commented, “Son Heung-min’s brother has no circumstances of recognition.”

In the documentary, Son said, “My brother and I fought over trivial matters (when we were young). My father got angry and brought me two balls and told me to do lifting training. I did lifting without dropping the ball for four hours, and I saw three balls. Then I resolved not to fight, but how long would it last?” and we have been humming ever since we were young.

Son Heung-yoon told the story, “I look a lot like my father. I got in trouble more because I had a snowball fight with my father, but Heung-min pretended to be sick before being hit like a fox, and when my father tried to hit me, he lied down and got in less trouble.”

“I taught my son so harshly that I heard his father’s father’s words,” Sohn Woong-jung, the director, said. “In a recent interview, there is a phrase that says, ‘Silly in the child’s mind.’ In Jews, fathers still punish their children by physical punishment. There are times when corporal punishment is needed. The child should be told, ‘What is not allowed is not allowed.’ And we should not compromise on that until the end,” Sohn said.

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