He said he was a baby and brought his dog… ‘False review’ on request to leave

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A guest who was kicked out after entering an accommodation in Gangneung토토사이트 tried to retaliate with false reviews and was beaten.

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Recently, in an online community, reviews of guests who used an unmanned tel in Gangneung in November 2021 are gathering attention.

While most of the guests gave high stars along with favorable reviews, such as saying that the room is quiet and the owner is kind, they had a pleasant stay, but only one guest was different.

This guest, who said that he smelled cigarettes from the moment he entered the room, opened the window and went out. He made a reservation for two adults and one 8-month-old child and paid for it.

I wrote that I had an argument with the unmanned tel to pay an additional fee for less than 12 months, and eventually left the room with my child at 8:00 pm.

In response, the unmanned tel countered.

After the guest made a reservation, he said that he did not like the smell of the room, so he changed the room, and then claimed that he had additionally requested blankets and towels.

We did not ask for a separate fee, and we only politely asked for cancellation because we entered the room with a dog without prior consultation,” he said.Netizens who came across this responded with comments such as “Sue is the answer to the late adaptation of revenge”, “Raise it like a child at home, but raise it like a dog outside the house”, “It’s a problem because there are too many people who try to abuse it with reviews”.

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