Idols performing in scout uniforms… Police and Jamboree members high five

Despite the humid weather and frequent schedule changes, the 40,000 members of the Jamboree enjoyed yesterday’s K-pop concert to their heart’s content토토사이트.
Reporter Shin Jae-woo reports on the last day of the Jamboree.

Despite the humid weather and long entry times, the Jamboree members enjoyed their entry, singing songs and playing traditional music.

The 40,000 members responded with choruses and cheers whenever ‘popular idols’ such as New Genes Ive appeared, but the groups ‘Itzy’ and ‘The New Six’ drew more attention by wearing scout uniforms.

▶ Interview: Karlin / Dutch participant
– “I don’t know K-pop singers very well, but today’s performance was so cool. I learned a lot about Korea, and I want to visit Korea again someday.”

BTS couldn’t go on stage, but their agency, Hive, distributed photo cards worth 800 million won, and Mamamoo, who were in different teams, canceled all schedules and united as one to greet the members.

Bananas were not included in the regular lunch box for the evening, but Prime Minister Han Deok-soo was reported to have directly ordered them to be excluded out of fear of accidents in which the crew members would step on the peel and fall.

After the concert, the crew members and the police give each other high fives and part ways. When the police expressed their gratitude, the members were also caught handing out snacks.

-“Thank you for the gift. Thank you.

It was a Jamboree that had a lot of words and challenges, but the last day was left as an unforgettable memory with K-pop.

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