‘If you go to Tottenham, your career will be ruined’… Tottenham hit a direct hit

Manager Julian Nagelsmann does not seem to have any intention of going to Tottenham Hotspur.

Manager Nagelsmann is the person Tottenham is aiming for as the next manager. Tottenham terminated the contract with coach Antonio Conte under mutual agreement during the match A. This season will be spent as acting head coach Christian Stellini, but it is known that the search for a new manager to lead the team has begun from next season. While several managers have been nominated, Nagelsmann, who was recently sacked from Bayern Munich, has emerged as a strong candidate. It was because of the advantage of having both his youth and ability.

However, Nagelsmann seems to have no intention of moving to Tottenham. It has been reported that Nagelsmann has said that taking charge of Tottenham could hurt his managerial career.

Wayne Basie of England’s ‘Football Insider’ said, “According to local sources in Germany, coach Nagelsmann is concerned that his career may suffer if he joins Tottenham. , it is currently considered unlikely to appoint Nagelsmann as manager.”

The reason is that the chances of winning trophies are low. Basie explained: “I don’t think Tottenham is the ideal team for him right now because Nagelsmann wants to be with a team that can compete for titles.”

It is true that Tottenham is not enough to compete for the title. This season, the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL),스포츠토토 England Football Association Cup (FA Cup), and England Football League Cup (EFL Cup) were all eliminated, and in the English Premier League (EPL) to settle in the top 4 are trying While rumors about the transfer of Harry Kane, the main pillar of the team, are emerging, if Kane leaves, it seems difficult for Tottenham to overcome the void and challenge the championship next season.

As news spread that Nagelsmann was negative about the appointment of Tottenham, Tottenham had a hard time finding a new manager. Another candidate was former Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino, but reports have recently emerged that Pochettino has turned down the Tottenham offer.

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