Javert, who was impatient, and Bond Lowshova, who was normal, separate the protagonists of Wimbledon

Marketa Bondrowsova (Czech Republic, world number 42) won the 2023안전놀이터 Wimbledon women’s singles.

On the 15th (local time), in the 2023 Wimbledon women’s singles final held at the Center Court of the All England Tennis Club in London, England, Bondroushoba beat Once Jaber (Tunisia, world No. 6) 6-4 6-4 to reach the top. It is her first Grand Slam title.

It was a mistake that sealed her win. One of the main reasons Javert made it to the finals of this tournament was because of her few mistakes. Most of the elaborate shots that hit the corner of the court fell into the court, so there was nothing the opponent players could do. Javert’s average unforced errors per game in this tournament was only 18.3.

However, in the final match, there were 31 unforced errors. She made her mistakes that she shouldn’t have made and spilled them out in her most important finals.

The mood at the beginning of the match was definitely Javert’s. She took a 2-0 lead with a break from Von Drawshoba on her first serve game. But she then gave up her serve game. She led 40-15, but was unable to finish and eventually allowed a break after a deuce. Her control faltered as her shots, which Javert had handled leisurely until the semifinals, were repeatedly hit the net. It was the first win in this game.

Still, Javert succeeded in breaking Bondlow Shoba’s serve game with a love game and took a 4-2 lead. Again, Javert had a chance to go ahead. However, she reversed it and allowed a love game break. There were parts where Bondroshova’s concentration shined, but Javert’s mistakes also burst out at the same time.

Javert gave the break even in the ninth game. In the end, the first set was taken by Bond Lowshova 6-4.

Even at the beginning of the 2nd set, the two succeeded in breaking twice and continued the close match. No one got ahead. 4-4, the ninth game, which was Javert’s right to serve, was the winner. As a result, Bond Low Shoba succeeded in breaking. By the way, the scoring process of Bondlow Shoba was Javert 3-ball backhand beam (net) – Javert 3-ball forehand beam (net) – Javert 3-ball forehand beam (side) – Javert 7-ball forehand beam (net). Javert’s mentality was already shattered.

Bondlow Shoba held out until the end. As he did throughout this contest, he did not draw his sword first until the very end. Vertigo Bertini Javert made mistakes on his own. Even if it was unavoidable that the opponent’s attack came in well, he forced the opponent’s mistakes with a wide range of defense using long arms and legs.

And the last game, the last point was recorded with a volley (net play), one of her special moves in this tournament. It was a scene that symbolized her victory.

Bondrowshova’s finish line is similar to her average for this event. There was no serve ace, and he committed 4 double faults. She only had 10 winners as well. Compared to Javert, she was not particularly better.

But Javert was not like Javert. Even though her first serve accuracy dropped, she was Javert who rallied and took care of her serve game. However, on this day, her first serve situation scoring rate was only 48%. The biggest problem was mistakes. The 31 mistakes were similar to Bondroushoba’s offensive scoring (37 points).

Javert’s nickname is The Magician. Javert had always been like a magician in the matches, but occasionally made mistakes. However, in this final match, he always made mistakes and appeared as a magician intermittently. Because of this, he couldn’t possibly win the match.  

In the end, Bondlow Shoba became the main character of the year with the title of the lowest ranking ever, the first non-seeded Wimbledon women’s singles champion. Her live ranking jumped to 10th, making her first top 10 entry in her career.

“My coach (Jan Mertl) said after the game, ‘I can’t believe why you are so calm’,” Bondrowsova said. The winning factors were analyzed.

Javert, on the other hand, was runner-up for the second year in a row. Following last year, she ended the tournament with a supporting role, again turning her opponent into Cinderella. She reached the final by beating four Grand Slammers: Bianca Andreescu (Canada), Petra Kvitova (Czech Republic), Elena Rivakina (Kazakhstan), and Arina Sarvalenka (Belarus), but in the end, she won the Grand Slam again this time. Failed to win the title. 

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