Kia EV9 also experiences ‘loss of power while driving’…”Understanding the cause”

 Early this month,
YTN reported for the first time that about 30 reports of ‘loss of power while driving’ were received from four Hyundai and Kia electric car models. As a result of additional coverage토토사이트, it was confirmed that a similar phenomenon appeared in the

one-month-old Kia EV9 .

Reporter Choi Ki-seong reports exclusively.

The Kia EV9 runs on the national highway.

It suddenly slows down and comes to a stop on the road.

I didn’t do anything, but the gear shifted to neutral.

A situation where the engine does not turn off and does not turn on again.

The car is still stuck until the police arrive and a tow truck arrives.

This happened two days after taking over the new car.

The driver said, “If it was a highway, there would have been a collision right away,” and

“The Kia service center representative said that if there was a situation where the vehicle stopped on the road, it would be a serious defect.” Hyundai Motor Company and Kia said, ” We are aware of cases of ‘loss of power while driving’

including the case, ” and said , “It is difficult to disclose the number of cases.”

Earlier, when it announced free repairs for 136,000 units of six models related to loss of power while driving, the EV9 was not included. The price of one EV9,

which started domestic sales on the 19th of last month, was 70 to 80 million won, and about 1,300 units were sold in June alone. Experts evaluate it as a dangerous thing that can lead to a major accident. [Lee Ho-geun / Professor of Automotive Department, Daedeok University: The biggest problem is that the driver panics when power is lost, and in some emergency situation, the vehicle gets out of the vehicle at high speed or somehow cannot output any power the driver wants. Because of this situation, there may always be a risk of a secondary accident.] Hyundai Motors and Kia announced that they plan to implement follow-up measures as quickly as possible as soon as the cause is identified. This is Choi Ki-seong from YTN .

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