Marvelous LeBron jumps PO with torn foot tendon

LeBron James is known to have digested the playoffs with an injury. 

The Lakers made a big comeback in this playoff. After going through the play-in tournament and barely getting a ticket to the playoffs, they made a series of upsets against Memphis, the second seed in the West, and Golden State, the sixth seed, and advanced to the conference finals. 

Needless to say,스포츠토토 LeBron James played a big role in the Lakers’ efforts. In his 20th season, LeBron is still a key part of the team. In this playoff stage, he played 16 games and averaged 24.5 points, 9.9 rebounds and 6.5 assists. 

What’s surprising is that Lebron delivered these performances with an injury. During the playoffs, Lebron reportedly played every game with a torn tendon in his foot. Now that the Lakers’ season is over, he may need surgery, and if that happens, he’ll need about two months of rehabilitation. 

Meanwhile, the Lakers ended the season with a loss to Denver in the Conference Finals. Lebron surprised everyone by saying that he should think about whether to play next season after their season is over. However, the outlook so far is dominated by the view that LeBron will digest next season as well. 

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