Mbappe conceit sniping “On the subject of losing while getting a crazy salary…”

Kylian Mbappe is furious with Paris Saint-Germain. The French football legend, who saw this, scolded Mbappe for his actions.

The background is like this. Paris Saint-Germain recently posted a ticket promotion video for the next season (2023-24) on the club’s official channel. It was Mbappe who took up a large part in the 1 minute and 15 second episode. Mbappe promoted season tickets with the comment, “Many of our fans visit our home stadium Parc des Princes. They are our 12th players.”

Mbappe was angry that it was different from the promise. Through his personal account, he said, “I talked with the club on the subject of marketing and gave a basic answer. I did not hear that it was a promotional video.” He refuted that he used it in the video.

He continued, “I consider Paris Saint-Germain the best club. It is a team like family. But it should never be Kylian Saint-Germain,” he complained.

Mbappe’s criticism became a big topic. Some see him as a move to claim his rights, but others feel that a star player has too much pride.바카라

Christophe Dugary, a former striker of the French national team, appealed through ‘RMC Sports’, “Someone break Mbappe’s pride.” Dugari said, “I’m fed up with the kind of people who feel uncomfortable with everything. Please communicate first.” Do you want to blame the person who announced this?” he criticized Mbappe harshly.

The dissatisfaction was sexual. “I don’t understand Mbappe’s message. You shouldn’t pamper your ego. He’s on a huge salary, and he’s losing game by game,” Dugary said.

Mbappe is performing well this season with 31 goals and 8 assists, but Paris Saint-Germain was eliminated from the UEFA Champions League and lost five times in their home league, and is not as good as before.

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