NBA Daily Injury Report (June 10th): Miami in crisis, how to counterattack?

On the 8th (Korean time), Game 3 of the 2023 NBA Finals held at the Kaseya Center, the hero of the Denver Nuggets was, as always, Nikola Jokic (27, 211cm).

Yokichi showed an overwhelming performance in the game that day with 32 points, 21 rebounds and 10 assists. He became the first player in NBA history to write ’30-20-10′ in the Finals. Jamal Murray (26, 190cm) also completed a triple-double with 34 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists, including three 3-pointers. As a result, the two players became the first duo to record 30 points + triple-double at the same time in one game. Moreover, in the case of Murray, it was known after the game that he performed such a great performance even with burns on his palm, which surprised the surroundings.

Conversely, Miami, which lost Game 3, can see that its reliance on outside shots is increasing as the series progresses. Miami won 111-108 with a high 3-point shot success rate of 48.6% (17 successes) in the second game, but lost helplessly in the third game as its 3-point shot success rate fell to 31.4% (11 successes).

Caleb Martin (27, 196cm), who scored well in and out of the Eastern Conference Finals against Boston, is also not playing his role properly in this series, with an average field goal success rate of only 31.6% (2.0 successes). . Likewise, Max Struss (27, 196cm) can hardly improve his performance after entering the final series.

Above all,메이저놀이터 Miami is facing physical limitations as it goes into the second half of this series, and its performance is declining, perhaps because it came up after a bloody battle that went up to the 7th game of the Eastern Conference Finals. Jimmy Butler (34, 201cm) is said to be fighting hard, but the influence of the rest of the players is fading due to the continued forced march. Therefore, in order to overcome the situation, helpers around Butler and the resurrection of the outside shot are desperately needed.

In the midst of this, whether Miami turns the series at home and heads back to Denver, or whether Denver, who took the series lead with a victory in the second game, can continue the momentum and succeed in winning two games in a row. At 9:30, it unfolds at the Kaseya Center.

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