Not 1 or 2 runs with no hits, but 4 runs? What the hell happened in Masan?

There are various ways to score in baseball. There are ways to score points with one shot like a home run, but sometimes it is baseball that scores without a single hit. A run is also scored on a stolen base, a wild throw, and an infield grounder following a walk.

However, it is quite rare to score 4 runs without hitting for 9 innings. This happened in the Futures League (second team) match between NC and Samsung held at Masan Stadium on the 24th. Both teams played a difficult game with four balls pouring in.

On this day, while the NC 2nd Army won the Samsung 2nd Army 12-4, the Samsung 2nd Army scored 4 points in the 4th inning, trailing 0-10 in the 8th inning. After one out without a hit, he scored 4 points.

The start was when Seo Joo-won went on base with a second baseman error after one out. Lee Seong-gyu withdrew with a strikeout, but from this time on, the NC 2nd team started to have 4 balls. Kim Dong-jin and Yang Woo-hyeon picked consecutive walks to fill the base, and Kim Ho-jae picked a straight walk and scored a point.

It didn’t end here. Oh Hyun-seok pushed the runner back with a ball that hit his body, and Kim Sang-min also scored an RBI after a full-count push. Samsung also scored 4 runs without a hit in this inning with Kim Jae-sang, who entered the at-bat, also picking a push-out walk. The score started with an error, so there was no earned point.

NC hurriedly put Song Myeong-ki on the mound, struck out Kim Min-ho, and was able to finish the inning. The Futures League is a place for experimentation and testing of skills. Nevertheless, innings came out that the coaching staff could not easily tolerate.먹튀검증

However, the Samsung 2nd team also had a tough game, giving up a lot of four balls. The third inning, which was 0-0, also started with a walk. On this day, the Samsung 2nd Division gave 11 4 pitches, and the NC 2nd Division gave 10. Even in the Futures League, the number of 4 balls was too many.

As there are many players whose skills have not yet been perfected in the Futures League, it is natural that there are more four-ball players than first-team players. However, in the field, laments such as “There are too many pitchers who can’t throw strikes” often come out recently. It’s not a thing yesterday or today, but it takes a long time to complete the fast-paced half and overall control. The concerns of the leaders of the 2nd Army continue.

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