Only 4 hitting experts… Will the Samsung bat survive?

 Professional baseball Samsung Lions included Yoshiie Tachibana, the second-team batting coach, in the first-team entry on the 26th.

It was a card that was brought out when the team batting average (0.236) this season ranked ninth overall.

Nothing strange so far.

Teams with poor performance usually refresh their team atmosphere by changing coaches during the season.

However, Samsung’s decision was different from the usual coach replacement. Instead of sending the hitting coach from the first team to the second team, Samsung canceled bullpen coach Kwon Oh-joon from the entry.

There was a reason. Samsung coach Park Jin-man said ahead of the visiting match against SSG Landers held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 30th, “The call-up of Coach Tachinaba was a decision to further subdivide the roles of hitting coaches and provide intensive help to hitters.”

It is explained that it is not a simple atmosphere renewal level, but a plan to strengthen offensive power.

Bullpen coach Kwon Oh-jun also did not go down to the second team. He still manages pitchers in the bullpen.

Unlike the dugout, the bullpen can be entered regardless of whether or not a first-team entry is included.

In other words, Coach Tachibana’s joining was focused on broadening the first-team leadership pool.

Due to the call-up of coach Tachibana, Samsung currently has four hitting coaches.

First-team main coach Park Han-i, assistant coach Bae Young-seop, coach Tachibana, and head coach Lee Byeong-gyu help the players with batting training.토토사이트

Coach Lee Byung-kyu took charge of Oh Jae-il, who had recently been sluggish, before the SSG match on the 30th.

“The four coaches are instructing the players by dividing the roles in detail,” said coach Park Jin-man.

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