Paju City, forced demolition of violative buildings in prostitution cluster ‘imminent’

Paju City, Gyeonggi-do, which is currently working to close the so-called ‘Yongjugol’, a gathering place for prostitution, plans to soon begin the forced demolition of violative buildings.

According to Paju City and the local community on the토토사이트 6th, Paju City has already issued administrative execution warrants for 32 violative buildings subject to phase 1 maintenance, and is expected to carry out forced demolition through administrative execution as early as next week.

Paju City is said to have established an internal policy for administrative execution and is in discussions with the Paju Police Station.

If the city takes administrative action, friction such as physical fights with sex workers is expected.

Currently, banners opposing the closure plan are hanging in various places where prostitution centers are located, and commercial district officials, prostitution workers, and prostitution business owners are protesting against Paju City’s actions, calling them ‘violence by public power.’

At a recent meeting between the mayor of Paju and building owners, one prostitution business owner criticized, “What is the use of having a meeting after the city has decided to (close) the city?” and “The mayor is pushing ahead with the closure of prostitution centers in order to leave it as his own achievement.” did.

In order to demolish violative buildings in prostitution hotspots, Paju City conducted a fact-finding survey in February of this year to identify about 100 buildings, including illegal extensions and unlicensed buildings, and notified the owners of a voluntary correction order.

Among these, the owners of six buildings, including five unauthorized housing units and one unauthorized neighborhood living facility building, have voluntarily begun demolition.

Paju City is continuously tracking 30 buildings with unlicensed structures and only confirmed land owners and is taking administrative action after confirming construction officials. In May, 302 million won in enforcement fines were imposed on 70 buildings with confirmed building owners. did.

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