President of Philadelphia “Harden’s value is sky-high”

There was a reason why the Harden trade was difficult.

Local media ‘ESPN’ reported on the 16th (Korean time), “Philadelphia안전놀이터 76ers president Darryl Morey is asking for an exorbitant price for James Harden’s trade.”

Harden is currently seeking a trade from Philadelphia. It’s unclear exactly why he requested the trade, but Harden is said to be desperate for a move to the Los Angeles Clippers. Harden wants the Clippers for a number of reasons. First of all, his hometown is Los Angeles. If he can play alongside his best friend Russell Westbrook, and if Harden joins the Clippers with Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, he could be a championship favourite.

Harden even took a pay cut for his championship ring. If he moves to the Clippers, Harden can get both practicality and justification.

The problem is Philadelphia’s position. From the Philadelphia standpoint, if Harden leaves, his power will suffer a big loss. Harden still showed off his strong skills, averaging 21 points and 10.7 assists in the 2022-2023 season. I did my part with the second option to assist Joel Embiid. 

Philadelphia will want a trade to fill the void if it sends Harden. On the other hand, from the Clippers point of view, there is no reason to send the core power of the team like George and Leonard for Harden. This difference in position put a brake on Harden’s trade. 

Harden’s preference for the Clippers is also one of the reasons why trade negotiations have been slow. Harden only wants to move to the Clippers. Negotiation options narrowed.

The key is whether the difference between Harden, who only wants to go to the Clippers, and Philadelphia, who wants to get a share with the Clippers, and Harden, who wants to recruit cheaply, can be narrowed.

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