Rumors of “50,000 won → 200,000 won” caused a nationwide frenzy… what’s up

 “I endured for more than a year, eventually lost money”

“I am worried about whether I should sell it now”

Kakao, which has driven the national stock craze, is crashing helplessly. 2 million minority shareholders alone. Most are at a loss. The situation is like this, but Kakao is going through internal trouble.

On the 26th, the Kakao union even staged a large-scale demonstration demanding job security.

The last 2021 years when the kakao craze was blown. Kakao rose to 170,000 won. You and I shouted that we would go up to 200,000 won. There are many people who have invested a large amount in Kakao with the belief that it is a solid national stock.

As of the 26th, Kakao’s stock price is 47,800 won, showing온라인바카라 a downward trend every day. It is close to the new 52-week low. The worries of minority shareholders are also deepening. Many individual investors have a long way to go to recover the 100,000 won range, which is in the loss range. More than halved.

Minority shareholders are only sighing, saying, “Should I sell it now?” “It is difficult to expect any more.”

They are even experiencing internal conflicts as they go into liquidation of unprofitable businesses and restructuring of personnel. As Kakao affiliates carried out voluntary retirement and restructuring, the Kakao community labor union launched a collective action to demand an apology from the management and responsible management.

On the 26th, the Kakao Branch (Labor Union) participated in the ‘Condemnation of irresponsible management and the 1st action of the Kakao community to relieve employment anxiety. Save the cacao’ rally was held.

Starting with the first action, the labor union plans to jointly respond to responsible management and relieve employment anxiety, and delivered a letter of protest to Kakao founder Kim Beom-soo, head of the Future Initiative Center.

The labor union said, “The purpose of this rally is to apologize for the accumulation of deficits resulting from successive business failures and to demand responsible management and an apology for greedy management that focuses only on the profits of the management.”

Kakao recorded an ‘earning shock’ as its operating profit decreased by more than half in the first quarter of this year. Due to the slump in the advertising market, advertising revenue, which is the main business, took a hit, and the performance of content divisions such as games and webtoons was also sluggish.

The situation for Kakao affiliates is even more serious. Many major subsidiaries posted losses last year, including Kakao Enterprise (140.6 billion won), Kakao Entertainment (13.8 billion won), Kakao Style (51.8 billion won), Kakao Pay (45.5 billion won), Kakao Brain (30.1 billion won), and Kakao Healthcare (8.5 billion won). This year, the situation is said to be more serious.

Securities companies are also shaking their heads. The eye level was also significantly lowered. Samsung Securities lowered its target price from 79,000 won to 64,000 won, and Meritz Securities lowered its target price from 72,000 won to 62,000 won. Hana Securities also lowered the price from 80,000 won to 65,000 won.

The market expects that Kakao’s earnings will improve in earnest next year, when the effects of Kakao Talk reorganization and restructuring centered on entertainment affiliates will become visible.

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