Shaquille O’Neal’s sober advice: “Tatum-Brown duo, if I were you, I would break up”

We talked about O’Neill’s Boston situation. 

Shaquille O’Neal talked about the Boston Celtics on ‘The Big Podcast With Shaq’ on the 8th (Korean time).

Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are considered one of the most powerful one-two punchers in the current NBA. Tatum averaged 30.1 points this season and Brown scored close to 60 points with 26.6 points combined. 

The award history is also splendid. In addition to Tatum making the All-NBA First Team for the second year in a row, Brown made the All-NBA Team (Second Team) for the first time in his career this year. Boston is the only team in the NBA this season to produce more than two players from the second team or higher. 

However, many point out that the synergistic effect produced by the two players, who are both in the swingman position in a broad sense, is not as great as expected. There were also opinions that Boston should separate the two and make changes. 

The Tatum-Brown duo’s partnership is getting more attention as Brown qualifies for a Super Max contract (five years, up to $295 million) in extension negotiations this summer, along with an All-NBA Team selection. Boston’s salary cap was already tight even before Brown extended his contract. 

For Boston, it is not easy to maintain other resources if you hold Brown with a huge amount and maintain the Tatum-Brown system. The balance of the team could be greatly disrupted. Therefore, the possibility of Brown’s trade cannot be ruled out.

However, it is difficult to hastily decide to part with Brown, who has grown up with the club. He is a player who has been steadily improving since his debut, and he has been working with colleagues such as Tatum and Smart for a long time.

Shaquille O’Neal left advice for the troubled Boston situation. O’Neill recommended a plan to reinforce the power by trading Brown, putting Tatum first. He emphasized the importance of role players who can faithfully fulfill their assigned role. 

O’Neill said, “I love both Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown and I don’t want to get that worded wrong. Obviously, if Brown stays, Boston will exceed the salary cap and can’t have the same teammates as they do now. The team has a shooter. We need players who can fight like fighters, we need another experienced veteran, and we need to build a system where those resources can run smoothly.”  

“If I were Boston, I’d disband the Tatum-Brown duo and use one of them to get the piece I want. Tatum is Boston’s number one and I think he’s the best on the team. I’d use Brown to bring in a brown-type player. “He can come. It’s good for Brown, because he’s a player who can be the best and if he moves, he has a chance to be the best somewhere.”스포츠토토

As for Tatum, he said he hoped Brown would stay, saying “Brown is one of the best players in the league and re-signing him is very important.” President Brad Stevens also said, “Without a doubt, we want Brown to stay on our team.” But no one can predict what the future holds in the NBA.

What’s the summer like for Brown, who had a great season with his first All-NBA team but missed the playoffs?

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