Spring is here and summer is fast approaching so captains everywhere are smiling as perfect boating weather is on the horizon. Along with the new season comes the need to replace worn out gear and ensure you have all the boating equipment essentials for a safe day on the water. Here are five marine supplies every captain needs on board so every emergency can be handled in a calm manner resulting in a safe journey back home.

Life Jackets – Any captain worth his salt should know plenty of life jackets are always needed. Even though they are not required to be worn at all times in every location; you always need to have them on board. In times of bad weather, it is best to have everyone on board strap on a life vest just in case some one goes over board.

VHF Radio – Emergency situations require a solid communication channel to resolve safely. An onboard marine radio or a personal hand held vhf radio is one item every boat captain should carry. You will be able to communicate with other boat captains and the coast guard in your area.

Fume Detector – Despite being surrounded by water a fire on your boat is never fun. Discover problems before they occur with fume detectors for propane, smoke and carbon monoxide. You may not smell smoke or propane out on the water and carbon monoxide is odorless so the only way to know is with a functioning co detector.

EPIRB – Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons send a signal to rescue teams when you are in distress. Specifically designed for maritime distress, EPIRB’s is a necessity if your boat ever becomes disabled or starts taking on water. Bring extra piece of mind to passengers, the crew and captain knowing you can be found in a time of need.안전놀이터

Compass or GPS – Even the most experienced boat captain may lose their bearing every once in a while and when that happens a compass will help you quickly get back on course. A more sophisticated and expensive approach is a modern GPS system specifically designed to withstand marine environments. Even on a small lake a compass will prevent getting lost so you can find the dock at the end of the day.

There are many cool boating accessories but life jackets, a vhf radio, fume detector, EPIRB and compass or GPS system are something you need to make sure you have on board before your first trip out for the season. If you are new to boating consider taking a local boat safety course to get a basic knowledge of the rules on the water and what to do when disaster strikes. Every outing on your boat should be a fun adventure and proper boating equipment helps you come back safe so you can have another pleasurable outing.

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