The former Manchester United captain said something to a new student… “It was too much.”

Jamie Carragher pointed out Andre Onana’s behavior towards Harry Maguire.

It is no exaggeration to say that Maguire is the player온라인바카라 who has received the most criticism in the soccer world recently. The biggest problem is Maguire’s performance. Since joining Manchester United, Maguire’s performance has taken a downward turn. Manchester United fans and England fans who watched Maguire’s sluggish performance began to criticize Maguire.

The problem is that the intensity of this criticism has grown too much, bordering on criticism. As the level of criticism intensifies, some are pointing out that Maguire is receiving too much criticism and ridicule in the name of criticism. Recently, Maguire’s mother became a hot topic by directly appealing to the public to stop criticizing Maguire through social media.

Carragher had similar thoughts. Carragher’s opinion is that the criticism directed at Maguire is excessive. Carragher also pointed out that the behavior of Onana, who joined Manchester United this season, toward Maguire has made Maguire’s current situation even worse.

The British Daily Mail said, “Carragher defended Maguire. Carragher thought Maguire was too tired to defend himself from Onana’s excessive criticism. He said Maguire should have more respect from his Manchester United colleagues. “I think I should receive it,” he said, noting Carragher’s actions.

Carragher said on his social media: “I know Onana is leading by example at the club and I like the fact that he communicates. But not even two minutes after arriving at the club, he said that to the club captain (Maguire) in a pre-season game. “Doing it this way was too much,” he pointed out.

The match Carragher was talking about was a friendly match between Manchester United and Borussia Dortmund held last July. At that time, Onana screamed at Maguire when he made a mistake. It meant coming to your senses. This is what goalkeepers often do to defenders when there is a dangerous scene, but Carragher pointed out that Onana’s behavior was not right considering Maguire’s situation.

Carragher added: “I felt he was trying hard to show the fans what kind of player he was. The problem was Maguire was broken and didn’t say anything,” adding that Maguire was intimidated by Onana’s behavior.

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