The Saudi people are angry “Ronaldo, expel immediately!”… why?

 Voices about the untimely expulsion of Cristiano Ronaldo (Al-Nasr) from Saudi Arabia have risen.

British media The Sun reported on the 20th (Korean time) that “some Saudi Arabian fans demanded that Ronaldo be expelled for ‘indecent behavior’ in a public place.”

The origin of the incident originated from the match against Al-Hilal in the 25th round of the Saudi Professional League in the 2022/23 season held on the 19th. Al-Nassr, who are in second place in the league, who are aiming for the top spot, failed to jump up the rankings as they lost 0-2 on the day.

On this day, Ronaldo came out as a starter and digested full-time, but finished the game without a goal. Not only did he not score a goal, but he was also criticized for committing a ‘headlock’ foul during a match by wrapping his arm around his opponent’s neck.

Ronaldo, who lost the match, was humiliated by Al-Hilal fans chanting the name of his archrival Lionel Messi, saying “Messi! Messi!” as he entered the locker room.

Meanwhile, some Saudis pointed out Ronaldo’s behavior as he entered the locker room. Ronaldo was caught grabbing his groin with his right hand as he exited the pitch.

In response, some fans demanded that Ronaldo be expelled from the country under Saudi law for “public obscenity” for engaging in obscene behavior in public.

Saudi Arabia is a conservative Islamic country, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea recommends refraining from wearing short-length clothing in public when visiting Saudi Arabia. 

So, Ronaldo’s act of touching his groin in public raised eyebrows in some Saudis.

“A Saudi lawyer announced that he would submit a petition to public authorities demanding Ronaldo’s expulsion,” the media said. asked for it,메이저사이트” he said.

Regarding this incident, a Saudi professor explained through social media, “Ronaldo’s behavior is a crime. If a foreigner commits an obscene act in a public place, he can be arrested and deported.”

On the other hand, Al Nasr’s side explained about this incident, “Ronaldo was only caught because he was shocked in the groin.”

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