“Three consecutive points.” Five sets are reversed… The queen who made it amazing

“Volleyball empress” Kim Yeon-koung (photo) has an absolute presence in Heungkuk Life in women’s professional volleyball. Kim Yeon-koung plays a big role in not only offense but also reception and defense. If Kim Yeon-koung falters, it will not be easy for Heungkuk Life to win.

At a showdown in the fourth round of the 2023-2024 V-League between Heungkuk Life Insurance and IBK Industrial Bank of Korea held at Hwaseong Sports Complex on Sunday, Kim Yeon-kyung was not in a good condition. She scored only six points until the third set, and her attack success rate was only 19.23 percent. Despite this, Heungkuk Life Insurance secured a 3-2 (25-13 12-25 25-22 20-25 17-15) win in the set score. Heungkuk Life Insurance, which seemed to be losing momentum to catch up with the leader after losing 0-3 in a match against the leader Hyundai Engineering & Construction (47 points, 15 wins and 5 losses), gained two points and became 44 points (16 wins and 5 losses), raising hopes to regain the lead. On the other hand, IBK, which will shrink if it meets Heungkuk Life Insurance this season, also lost Gyeonggi Province on the day, bringing its opponent team’s record to four losses in this season.

Despite Kim’s lackluster performance in the early-middle of the match, Heungkuk Life Insurance was able to win thanks to the struggle of other team members. Elena Mrazenovic, who seemed exhausted recently, led the team’s attack by scoring 29 points, including two serve points and one block. Setter Lee Won-jeong also utilized middle blockers more than usual when Kim Yeon-koung was sluggish. Middle blockers Kim Soo-ji and Lee Ju-ah each scored 10 points (four blocks), and eight points (two blocks, and two serve points), contributing to the team’s victory.

Her ace skater, Kim Yeon-koung, did not get a free ride either. She scored seven points in the fourth set alone, and posted an attack success rate of 63.64 percent, to add five more points in the fifth set. 랭크카지노도메인 She successfully staged critical time lags and open attacks in succession at a time when her team was trailing 14-15 in the fifth set, leading the team to come from behind 16-15. Kim Yeon-koung, who alone set up a match point, inserted a ball that was kicked out by her defense into the court of IBK Industrial Bank to end the match. Her attack success rate, which once fell to the 10 percent level during the match, rose to 38.64 percent (18 points) at the end of the match. Kim Yeon-koung demonstrated what “the dignity of an ace” is, demonstrating her capacity as a troubleshooter despite her sluggish performance.

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