US media “Lose weight, body fantastic”… Ryu Hyun-jin, 2 innings live pitching

Toronto Blue Jays ‘Korean Monster’ Ryu Hyun-jin starts a full-fledged start to return by increasing innings and pitches.먹튀검증

Arden Zwelling of Canada’s ‘Sportsnet’ and ‘’ reported on the 20th (hereinafter Korean time) that Ryu Hyun-jin will start pitching.

Ryu Hyun-jin went to the operating table after the Chicago White Sox game on June 2 last year. Ryu Hyun-jin, who was suffering from pain in his forearm muscle at the time, received a diagnosis that he needed Tommy John surgery as a result of a checkup, and Dr. Nick Elatrache, an authority in the field of shoulder and elbow, performed Ryu Hyun-jin’s surgery.

Tommy John surgery usually takes a year for a pitcher to return to the mound. For a pitcher, it can be seen that it is directly related to the player’s life. Ryu Hyun-jin, who underwent his second Tommy John surgery on June 19 last year following the previous year, is currently focusing on rehabilitation to return to the big leagues starting with the All-Star Game.

First of all, Ryu Hyun-jin’s rehabilitation process is very smooth. General Manager Ross Atkins said in an interview with the local media last May, “Ryu Hyun-jin is conducting bullpen pitching in Dunedin, Florida, USA.” reported on the status of

Ryu Hyun-jin started pitching in the bullpen in May, and on the 17th, he pitched live once. Now, it is expected to increase the sense of practice by increasing the number of innings and pitches. According to ‘Sportsnet’ and ‘’, Ryu Hyun-jin will start live pitching in Dunedin on the 23rd. ‘Sportsnet’ said, “Ryu Hyun-jin is scheduled to pitch live for two innings on the 23rd in Dunedin.”

At this point, Toronto is recording a 39-34 win rate of 0.534. However, the ranking is ranked 4th in the American League East Division and 5th in the Wild Card. At the current pace, advancing into the postseason is difficult. In addition, even the starting rotation has recently been in an emergency.

‘Ace’ Kevin Gausman, 6-3, 3.01 ERA in 15 games, Jose Berios 7-5, 3.64 ERA, Chris Bassett 7-5, 4.16 ERA, Yusei Kikuchi 6-2, ERA ERA It is active in 4.31. However, Kikuchi has not been able to accumulate victories by pitching ‘less than’ five innings in the last three games in a row, and Alec Manoa, ‘Hyunjin Ryu’, has been demoted to the minor leagues due to extreme sluggishness.

‘’ said, “Considering that Ryu Hyun-jin has to rebuild his body, he needs a little longer as a starting pitcher. However, Ryu Hyun-jin has lost weight and is physically fantastic.” “Toronto says Ryu Hyun-jin is ready.” When judged, the next step is to face the hitters.”

‘’ has the idea that Ryu Hyun-jin needs more time to return to the starting lineup. However, from Toronto’s point of view, it is best for Ryu Hyun-jin to return as a starting pitcher. What kind of position can Ryu Hyun-jin, who is about to qualify as a free agent (FA), return to and show what kind of image he can show?

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