“Wait, it’ll put a lot of pressure on a lot of teams, but…” Bad effect on Ryu Hyun-jin? 72-year-old U.S. devil agent negotiation skills ‘Criticism’

“Although this wait will give a lot of urgency to the team…”

Scott Boras (72), an agent who is called a devil to clubs and an angel to players, is also the center of attention in the 2023-2024 Major League FA market. CBS Sports analyzed that Boras’ unique “cliff-edge negotiation” FA market is a critical factor in the slow flow.

Boras enjoys negotiating skills that reflect the needs of customers as much as possible and take as much time as possible to bring out contracts on the best terms. It is a way to bring out “surrender” by putting as much pressure on the club as possible. This is why mega-FAs prefer Boras, and the mega-FAs take advantage of the psychology of urgent teams.

There are still many Boras customers in the FA market, including Blake Snell, Jordan Montgomery, Cody Bellinger, and J.D. Martinez. Ryu Hyun-jin is also one of Boras’ customers. With the Major League spring camp about two weeks away, there are concerns that some players will not be able to sign a contract even after the start of the camp.

Essential Sports analyzed on the 29th (Korea Standard Time) that Snell and Montgomery did not even come close to signing a contract, and that the current situation was not good for them either. It was a direct criticism of Boras’ negotiation skills. “The chances of them falling into spring camp are increasing day by day, and that could be an obstacle for them,” he said.

ESPN Jeff Bankruptcy said, “I don’t think Boras customers will sign before the calendar changes to February.” Essential Sports said, “Boras’ strategy of waiting until the very last minute is working. But right now, his customers don’t drive them wild in the market. While this wait may give a lot of urgency to the team, it may hinder the development of chemistry with the new team.” 마카오토토주소

Specifically, Essential Sports said, “The symbiotic relationship between a pitcher and a catcher wants the two to spend more time together. Missing it can lead to poor performance, which is something Boras doesn’t want to take on. Getting a big deal is Boras’ main focus, but he needs to make sure it doesn’t interfere with the quality of his customers.”

That’s a valid point. Boras may be able to win a big contract through delayed negotiation as he intended, but if he fails to join the team at the start of the camp, his performance in the upcoming season could be adversely affected. In other words, it is important for an FA pitcher who signs a contract with a new team’s catcher to fully engage with the team before starting the season. It is pointed out that Boras’ negotiation technique could cause side effects in this area.

Ryu Hyun-jin can also consider this issue. Given the circumstances, chances for his team to reunite with the Toronto Blue Jays are slim. Moving to a new team, Ryu needs time to play with the new team’s catchers. Although Ryu is a veteran, he could be influenced by the team.

Essential Sports said, “The more players miss spring training, the greater the risk of low performance. Snell and Montgomery are very experienced pitchers and will be able to overcome the delay. Still, is it a risk worth taking? It’s a question that Boras has to answer.”

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