“Watches are also over the wall” Lee Bu-jin, the limited edition watch brand is

Lee Boo-jin, president of Hotel Shilla (008770), visited Incheon토토사이트 International Airport Terminal 1 on the 18th as the chairperson of the Visit Korea Committee. President Lee, who draws attention with his eye-catching fashion every time he has an external schedule, drew attention by wearing an all black fashion and a watch from the Swiss high-end watch brand Patek Philippe .

According to the industry on the 20th, President Lee attended the ‘ Visit Korea Again 777 ( VKA 777)’ event held at Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 on the morning of the 18th to increase free tickets for tourists visiting Korea.

Lee’s fashion code for the day was all black. President Lee, who showed the standard of black coordination with spandex trousers and a black blouse with an incision in his neck, wore a gold watch with a black strap.

If you zoom in on the watch worn by President Lee, it is presumed to be Patek Philippe’s ‘Pagoda’ for women, released as a limited edition in 1997. The main feature is the 18K yellow gold case and strap made of crocodile leather. In particular, a total of 14 brilliant-cut diamonds are set on the index (scale mark) of the dial (dial panel), giving a sense of luxury to the classic design. It is not sold as a limited edition product, but is traded between 20 million and 60 million won in the used market.

Patek Philippe started in Geneva, Switzerland in 1839 as ‘Patek Capek’ by nobleman Norbert de Patek and watchmaker François Capek and was taken over by brothers Charles and Jean Stern in 1932 after the Great Depression.

Due to the brand’s basic ethos of recognizing watches as a work of art with craftsmanship, even now, many parts are made with the hands of artisans with more than 10 to 30 years of experience, not machines, and production is extremely small. Patek Philippe’s annual production is about 60,000, which is 1/17 of the annual production of Rolex (about 1 million), which has a mass production system.

Earlier, on March 16, President Lee garnered attention by wearing a ‘Parentage’ watch from the Italian luxury brand Bulgari when attending the shareholders’ meeting of Hotel Shilla held at Samsung Electronics’ Jangchung headquarters in Jung-gu, Seoul.

Parentage is a line inspired by the method of connecting sidewalk blocks used in Travertine Stone in Rome, Italy, and is a product that stands out with its geometric beauty. It is known that the wearing comfort is improved by applying the technology that eliminates the seams of jewels by using gold springs and hidden rings. The watch worn by President Lee is not currently sold on the official website, but the price at the time of release is estimated to be around 10 million won.

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