When I opened the package that was reported… Contains cheap stuff or is ’empty’

When I opened the parcels that were actually reported, most of them스포츠토토 contained cheap items or were completely empty. First of all, the police who are investigating it as a ‘brushing scam’ will announce the results soon.

Reporter Jeong Hee-yoon covered the story.


This is the mail reported to a police station in Gangneung City yesterday.

The reporter said that a mail that he had never ordered from Taiwan had been sent and brought it directly to the security center.

It contains sewing supplies.

According to the police, most of the reported packages were empty or contained cheap items such as toothpicks and paper.

It is said that no harmful substances were found in the Ulsan parcel that was first reported.

This is why the police see this case as a ‘brushing scam’.

A brushing scam is a method by which online shopping mall sellers send unordered items to an unspecified number of people in order to manipulate sales reviews.

[Police officer: To write a review, you must prove that you purchased it. Because you have to send (the parcel) to get the invoice number. (The parcel) has to be light, so I put two pieces of bubble wrap inside and it’s empty.] It is

known that most international parcels come from China to Taiwan by ship and then from Taiwan to Korea by individual mail.

The police plan to officially announce the results as soon as they complete the analysis of the parcels’ composition.

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