“1.1 billion only in the trunk” ▽ 100 billion stake gambling per day arrested

Three people were arrested for creating and operating an illegal sports betting site overseas.

About 6,400 people bet on the money, and the amount deposited is over 100 billion won.

This is Reporter Seo Chang-woo.

◀ Report ▶

A motel room in Tongyeong, Gyeongsangnam-do.

A police officer arrests a man in a yellow suit.

<Please cooperate because we have to search and seizure.>토토사이트
“Yes, yes. Nothing.”

When the three bags in the trunk of the man’s luxury foreign car are opened, a bundle of cash comes out.

Even in the driver’s seat, you can see a wad of 10 million won.

The cash in the car alone is 1.1 billion won.

This is part of the profits that a 34-year-old man caught by the police operated an illegal sports betting site in Southeast Asia for about seven months from September last year.

As general manager, this man hired several distributors to recruit members in a multi-tiered way.

It turns out that he offers performance pay of up to 4.5x the amount bet and 20% of what members lose.

[Choi Chi-Hoon/Chief of Cyber ​​Investigation, Gyeongnam Provincial Police Agency]
“Distributors lure (gambling) through acquaintances or community sites. If we do this, we can earn money…” A

total of 6,400 people jumped into illegal sports betting.

I took out loans from as little as tens of thousands of won to as many as 100 million won, and I bet more than 100 million won.

The money deposited in this way alone amounts to 110 billion won.

[Choi Chi-Hoon/Chief of Cyber ​​Investigation, Gyeongnam Provincial Police Agency]
“I mostly spent money on entertainment expenses, living expenses, and gambling again. This cash we confiscated was found in cash to avoid tracking…

” 43 people, including distributors and site members, were arrested and 3 of them were arrested, while criminal proceeds of 1.35 billion won were collected and preserved before prosecution.

The police are also expanding their investigation by lowering the Interpol red notice and chasing the two executives who fled abroad.

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