200,000 teachers’ assembly was ordered to be organized ‘Kalgak’… Police and Jin Pyeong-gyeong at the scene

Today (the 4th) is the ‘Public Education Stop Day’안전놀이터 announced by teachers.

Previously, I saw many articles saying that the so-called ‘Kalgak Order’ was noticeable at the teachers’ rally last weekend where 200,000 people gathered.

This is a teachers’ rally held in front of the National Assembly in Yeouido, Seoul on the 2nd.

This is how the eight lanes from the main gate of the National Assembly towards Yeouido Park are filled.

The orderly lines are reminiscent of a checkerboard.

According to the organizers, more than 200,000 people gathered.

The police also prepared for any emergency by deploying the experience of 10 riot squad companies.

However, at the site on that day, the music was so loud before the rally started that the only action was to issue a noise maintenance order.

Rather, it is said that a scene unfolded where the police guarding the scene and the teachers who participated in the rally shared ice water with each other and expressed gratitude.

The article reported that even after the rally, conversations such as ‘good job’ and ‘thank you’ were exchanged between police and teachers in online communities.

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