3 goals in 2 matches… ‘Goalkeeper’ Park Eun-sun is back

Park Eun-seon, who suffered from various controversies in the past and fell into a swamp of sluggishness, recently emerged as the ace of the women’s soccer team by showing more than expected performance in an A match against Zambia.

Park Eun-sun led her national team’s winning streak by scoring a total of 3 goals in the first and second games in friendly matches against Zambia held on the 7th and 11th. Park Eun-seon, who joined her national team nine years after the 2014 Women’s Asian Cup match against Australia, made a splendid comeback at the age of 37, still showing off her skills.

As if to quench her thirst for the first time in 9 years, Park Eun-sun flew over her field throughout her game. She overpowered her opponent, Zambia, with her post-play and concentration in front of the gate, using her 181cm tall physical strength. In particular, her winning goal in the 44th minute in the second half of the second game showed overwhelming power to tie the hands of the Zambian defense with a high-scoring header.

Park Eun-seon is a star of Korean women’s soccer who has been noticed as a promising player since her debut. At the young age of 17, she qualified for the 2003 Women’s World Cup in the United States in the Asian region, and the following year she was also voted Asian Most Valuable Player (MVP). There are several nicknames such as ‘Park Latan (Park Eun-sun + Zlatan)’ and ‘Woman Cha Bum-geun’ to guess her performance at the time.

However, her overwhelming physicality, which is Park Eun-seon’s strength, rather aroused suspicion of her gender. When she went to international competitions such as the Women’s World Cup and Olympic qualifiers, she often took offense at her, saying, “I have to do a gender test” in another country.

Controversy also continued in the domestic league. In 2013, the coaches of six Korean WK League clubs announced that they would refuse to participate in the league if Park Eun-sun continued to play. It was an absurd reason that the players of the team facing Park Eun-seon were suffering from injury threats.

Park Eun-seon, who had been wandering around due to unwanted gossip, later moved to a team and continued her career as a player, but until recently she did not show much success. In 2015, he entered the World Cup finals, but missed the group stage due to a chronic ankle injury.

Park Eun-seon, who rose from a sluggish performance, also took a good look at the women’s national soccer team coach Colin Bell.토토사이트 After the game on the 11th, coach Bell, who originally appointed Park Eun-seon as a “joker” for 15 minutes, praised her highly, saying, “I want to cherish her like a flower in a greenhouse and take her to the Women’s World Cup.”

Zambia coach Bruce Mwafe also mentioned Park Eun-sun. He said, “Park Eun-seon was substituted in the first game and it was a difficult game. If Korea plays a post play with a tall striker, it will be a difficult team to deal with in the future.”

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