3rd round ‘hidden gem’ candidates who will catc

In the 3rd round, hidden gem players are aiming for the final round of the draft.

The 2023 KBL Rookie Draft will be held at Jamsil Student Gymnasium on the 21st. Suwon KT, Ulsan Hyundai Mobis, Changwon LG, Seoul Samsung, Daegu Korea Gas Corporation, Busan KCC, Wonju DB, Goyang Sono, Seoul SK, and Anyang CheongKwanJang will select new players in that order.

The draft where the fate of prospective pros is decided. The reporters, who had seen the important event, could not ignore it. Four writers conducted a mock draft according to their actual turn.

We reveal the expected draft results based on each person’s ranking. The sixth in order is a 3rd round draft candidate. 

▶Round 3 Sungkyunkwan University Jeong Bae-kwon (183.9cm, G)

Jeong Bae-kwon is a player specialized in defense. Even though he is not tall, he can defend a variety of positions. He took on the role of housekeeper at Sungkyunkwan University.

However, Jeong Bae-kwon’s college league record is disappointing, even considering that he is a defensive specialist. This is because Jeong Bae-kwon averaged only 3.8 points, 1.5 rebounds, and 0.5 assists. He couldn’t be expected to play a role in the offense, even on the college level.

Nevertheless, he is Jeong Bae-kwon, who is also expected to be selected in the second round. This evaluation focuses on Jeong Bae-kwon’s clear advantage, defense.

▶Round 3 Konkuk University Kim Do-yeon (190.4cm, F)

Konkuk University shooter Kim Do-yeon is also considered a player who has the potential to advance to the pros. He participated in the draft as an early entry.

Kim Do-yeon is a swingman with a strength in shooting. He confidently tries to shoot even when the defense is in front of him. He also has decent shooting distance and release.

However, he is Kim Do-yeon, whose offensive options other than 3 points do not stand out. His slim physique also appears to need strengthening in the pros.

▶3rd round Kyunghee University Hwang Young-chan (177cm, G)

Hwang Young-chan can also expect to be selected in바카라사이트 the 3rd round in the late 2nd round. Kyung Hee University’s assault leader.

Hwang Young-chan shows strength in speed. He has a fighting spirit. He harasses his opponents with his persistence in offense and defense.

However, Hwang Young-chan is a short guard. It is difficult for him to get good grades in his reading ability as well. He needs to further refine his offensive options except for penetration.

▶Round 3 Chosun University Yoo Chang-seok (179.8cm, G)

Can Yoo Chang-seok receive a professional call from Chosun University 5 years after Lee Sang-min (183.5cm, G)? He has a rare track record as a playing coach on the college stage.

Yoo Chang-seok is a short guard. Although he is small, he breaks through like a tank thanks to his solid physique. He shows his strength in early offense and fast offense rather than set offense.

However, Yoo Chang-seok must transition from a pro to a point guard. He is not yet proven as a point guard.

▶Round 3 Sangmyung University Kim Tae-ho (187.3cm, G)

Kim Tae-ho, the 2019 College League Rookie of the Year, took on his second challenge following 2020. After transferring to Sangmyung University, he played for two seasons.

Kim Tae-ho showed movements close to a swingman during his days at Dankook University. He has a good passing sense and has performed well since his junior year with secondary reading and decent scoring ability. 

Kim Tae-ho devoted himself to ball handling after transferring to Sangmyung University. Tae-ho Kim showed that he has a wide court vision as a point guard.

However, Kim Tae-ho spent a long time failing in the draft and being transferred. Even after transferring to Sangmyung University, he was unable to regain his form due to injuries both major and minor. He is also one of the older draftees. Kim Tae-ho’s high dribbling and uncertain attack options also leave something to be desired.

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