61 shots, 1 point, 3 consecutive losses → Worst goal decision… How did Arsenal get to this point? Challenge to escape consecutive losses against Crystal Palace, and if you win, jump to 3rd place

Arsenal, which had led the league through the 19th round of the English Premier League, slipped like a lie. Having lost two consecutive games recently, it fell to fourth place. It was also caught in the FA Cup match against Liverpool, falling into a swamp for three consecutive games recently. It collapsed, showing the worst scoring performance. They are aiming for a victory again to come from behind.

Arsenal will meet Crystal Palace in the 21st round of the 2023-2024 EPL at the Emirates Stadium in London, England on Tuesday (Korea time). They have no luxury to back down. They need to break the chain of consecutive losses and secure three points to re-enter the top spot. They are only thinking of winning.

It suffered shocking defeats in the last three matches. It lost to West Ham United 0-2 at a home game in the EPL on Dec. 29 last year. Then, it lost to Liverpool 1-2 in an away game in the EPL against Fulham on Dec. 31 last year. In the third round home game in the FA Cup on Tuesday, it lost to Liverpool 0-2. He only scored one point in three matches and allowed six goals 헤라카지노도메인.

It hit the ground with a serious lack of goal-getting ability. He recorded 30 shots in the match against West Ham, but scored no goal, and in the match against Fulham, he recorded 13 shots to only score one goal. In the match against Liverpool and the FA Cup, all 18 shots were not scored. Due to unfortunate circumstances in the goalposts, the team had to accept its early elimination from the FA Cup as a reality. It recorded a whopping 61 shots in the three games, but only scored one goal. 

Currently, he has 40 points and is ranking fourth in the EPL. Although he fell behind while leading the league, he still has a chance to win the title. He now has five points gap with Liverpool (45 points). He has been sluggish recently, but he still has a gap to catch up with Liverpool. If he wins this match, he can push Liverpool up to two points by moving to third place. He needs to earn three points at the expense of Crystal Palace, which is ranking 14th with 21 points. On the contrary, if he fails to win the match, he will fail to advance to the ranking, and will not be able to drop further Tottenham Hotspur (40 points).

Their strength at home and their recent dominance over the opponents are something to fall back on. Arsenal recorded seven wins, two draws, and one loss in their home matches in the league this season. They scored 22 points and 10 points in 10 matches, showing off their stable performance. They also beat Crystal Palace in both recent matches. They had a landslide 4-1 victory at home in the league on March 19 last year, and won 1-0 away on August 22 last year.

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