7.7 billion won from Manchester United, “It would have been better to transfer to Manchester City, but I don’t regret it”

Alexis Sanchez revealed the story behind his departure from Arsenal.

British media ’90min’ reported on the 26th when Sanchez recalled the time he was thinking about Manchester United and Manchester City when he left Arsenal.

“At first I was going to go to Manchester City,” Sanchez said. I talked to manager Pep Guardiola every day. He was with me at Barcelona and was like his father.”

Then, “Suddenly, the phone rang. He was Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho. He said, ‘Currently, number 7 is empty’” and said that there was an opportunity for the situation to change.

“This is the number that Eric Cantona, David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo had. It was a dream. “Money was not an issue,” he explained why he chose Manchester United.

Sanchez joined Manchester United from Arsenal in January 2018. He raised expectations by receiving uniform number 7.

In particular, there were high expectations that he would become the center of Manchester United’s attack while receiving an enormous weekly wage of 700 million won.

However, it was shattered. He gave a poor performance and left in disgrace. He is considered one of the greatest scammers of Manchester United’s history.

Sanchez couldn’t show a significant presence even with a weekly wage of 700 million won and uniform number 7, so he was given the dishonorable nickname of 7.7 billion won, meaning he only swallowed money and left.

Sanchez said:먹튀검증 “I have no regrets about moving to Manchester United. It would have been better if he had gone to Manchester City. So, wouldn’t he have won the Champions League by now? Everything has a reason.”

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