‘80.6 billion annual salary’ Ohtani’s frugal family… “My mother works part-time, and my brother and sister also pay my own money”

Major league superstar Shohei Ohtani, who led the Japanese baseball team to the WBC championship, earns an annual salary of 8.5 billion yen (approximately 80.6 billion won), but the story has been told that his family is still living a frugal life. .먹튀검증

On the 22nd, Japan’s Money Post reported on the current situation of the Ohtani family under the title of ‘Money education that fostered Shohei Ohtani’s self-reliance’. The media explained that Ohtani’s wonderful personality was raised by his mother, Kayoko, and his family.

According to the media, the money Ohtani earns this year far exceeds 8.5 billion yen as a major top class. In addition, he has signed sponsorship contracts with 17 large companies, and the contract signed with New Balance, which started sponsoring supplies from this year, is worth 4 billion yen (approximately 38 billion won).

Despite this, the Ohtani family is still living a frugal life. Ohtani’s hometown is Oshu, Iwate Prefecture, a small rural town in the north. My parents still live here.

An acquaintance of the Ohtani family said, “When Ohtani was playing in Japan, I once suggested to my parents to rebuild the main house. As Ohtani, I wanted to be filial.” He refused, saying ‘Oh, no’.” His parents extensively remodeled (renovated) their home last year, but even this time, they said they rejected all of their son’s proposals to “pay for the remodeling.”

Currently, Otani’s income is managed by her mother. In particular, her mother manages her son’s large sums of money while she continues to work part-time.

One source said, “When Ohtani asked her mother, ‘How long are you going to work?’, she said, ‘I can’t ask you to carry me?’ She laughed and moved on.” The father, Tooru, also said, “You can’t ask your son to feed you because he’s successful, can’t you?” The official added, “The son is earning money as his son does, and they are earning money on their own, so that is enough. Ohtani’s parents are not opening their hands to him.”

The same goes for Ohtani’s older brother and older sister. His older brother, Ryuta, who is seven years older than Ohtani, played as a professional baseball player and is now a retired Toyota Motor Corporation coach. His older brother bought an apartment with a loan of 30 million yen (approximately 280 million won) when he got married two years ago, and he says he did not rely on Ohtani.

Her older sister, who is two years older than her older brother, also married an official from his alma mater’s baseball team through Ohtani’s introduction three years ago. At the time, Ohtani asked her to “give her a bigger wedding gift,” but she said that her older sister rejected it.

The media claims that Ohtani is also frugal due to this influence. The media said, “Ohtani is wearing only a few clothes received from ‘Hugo Boss’, which he partnered with in 2020. All sportswear and shoes are wearing only ‘New Balance’ products.”

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