A drunk driver who ran away with the engine running… Arrested on the roof after 3 hours of reporting

A man stumbles into the driver’s seat.

“You smell like alcohol” The control center caught it.

The police were dispatched and I thought I was caught, so I ran away토토사이트.

Enter the residential alley and go to the underground parking lot.

I even left the car running and ran away. You’re really drunk.

The police search the building and go up to the roof.

That’s when I found a rooftop warehouse.

“Is the door here originally locked?” “Open every day.”

I got it right then, man.

After that, I took a breathalyzer, and it was twice the number of license cancellations.

* I am the case manager who organizes the news that is becoming a hot topic right now. Check out the video for more details.

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