A mother and daughter who owe hundreds of millions of dollars make an extreme choice, leaving behind funeral and management expenses 

A mother and daughter who made a sad choice were found dead메이저놀이터 in an apartment in downtown Gwangju.

Her mother and daughter took on hundreds of millions of debt left behind by her father, who died four years ago, and suffered from hardships in her life. Even though she turned her back on this world, she left her funeral and maintenance expenses, saying, ‘I don’t want to be indebted to her.’

According to the Gwangju Northern Police Station on the 16th, at 5:37 am on this day, A (52, female) and her mother B (81) were found dead in a flower bed in an apartment complex in Yeonje-dong, Buk-gu.

In her home on the 17th floor, where her mother and daughter live alone, a letter left by Ms. A addressed to her relatives was discovered. The letter said, ‘I am having a hard time due to the burden of debt. I don’t want to be indebted to you. It contained the message, “I left money in the closet, so please use it for the funeral.”

Her mother and daughter left 8 million won in cash in her closet, and an envelope containing 400,000 won for her apartment maintenance fee was also found.

Although her mother and daughter were not eligible for basic livelihood assistance, she reportedly suffered from hardships as she had to pay off billions in debt left behind by her father when he died in 2019.

Ms. A works at a public enterprise, and her mother, Ms. B, also received about 1 million won per month in national pension, etc., but had a huge burden on repaying the huge debt, and it is known that she recently borrowed money from her relatives.

The police said that, considering the fact that the window was open, it is presumed that Mr. A’s mother and daughter made an unfortunate choice.

The police are investigating the exact circumstances of her death with her surviving family members.

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