“All the players to come up have come up” Seo Geon-chang, in crisis, is erased even from the teacher’s mind

Is it becoming a forgotten name?

On the 13th, LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop made a meaningful statement ahead of the Samsung match.

“All the players who will come up now have come up.”

This is what he said about the rejoining of Lee Jung-yong, the core of Pil Seung-jo. It can be interpreted as the sound that the bullpen is now set up.안전놀이터

But taken literally, it can be a very scary word. This is because it could mean that other second-team players do not already consider themselves to be the main players.

It is all the more so because Seo Kun-chang is currently staying in LG Group 2.

Director Yeom strongly insisted that Seo Geon-chang be used somehow. He said he had too. He believed he could hit at least .280 as a second baseman if he could find the mechanics from his 200-hit days. Director Yeom is the leader who shared 200 hits with Seo Kun-chang.

However, Seo Geon-chang did not live up to his teacher’s expectations. His batting average was in the early 20s, and even his defense seemed to be faltering, perhaps because his offense was not working out.

In the end, he couldn’t hold out in the first team and went down to the second team.

He also has poor grades in the second group.

His batting average is just 0.222. He has an excellent on-base percentage of 0.417, but his slugging percentage remains at 0.222. He has an OPS of only 0.6 units.

In the meantime, head coach Yeom Kyung-yeop is testing new players.

Shin Min-jae, who was used as a major runner, is the main character. Shin Min-jae was an infielder, but was unable to find a place and was trying to convert to an outfielder.

But he’s held up fairly well at second base and is getting some snowballs. He doesn’t have many samples, but he is doing well with a batting average of 30% (0.340).

Seo Kun-chang moves to the 2nd team, and Kim Min-sung and Shin Min-jae share the 2nd base, but recently they are getting more opportunities than Kim Min-seong.

Director Yeom said, “We are testing Shin Min-jae. He has good contact skills and is good at performing operations. His defense is still a bit rough, but he thinks he can improve with practice and practice. He intends to give it a chance. We have to prepare for a situation where Seo Geonchang does not work,” he said.

It means that the preparation of countermeasures has begun in case Seo Geon-chang does not regain his form until the end. This is the part where we can see that Seo Geon-chang is being erased little by little in Director Yeom’s conception.

Seo Geon-chang is going through a season of crisis. The homework given to Seo Geon-chang is to revive the basics of hitting in the 200-hit batting form.

Can Seo Geon-chang solve his homework and prove that he is the owner of LG second base? Time is never on Seo Geon-chang’s side. As time goes by, his position will inevitably become narrower.

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