Analysts Join ‘Avengers’ Asian Cup Staff to Beat ‘All-in!’ World Cup

It is truly “the best ever.” The Republic of Korea is making all-out efforts to win the title.

마카오카지노 The staff of the South Korean national soccer team for the 2023 AFC (Asian Football Confederation) Qatar Asian Cup will boast the largest scale ever. The total number of staff including the coach amounts to 35. More people have gathered to support the national team than at the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar. Jürgen Klinsmann and other talented staff will join forces.

According to a national team official, the size of this Asian Cup staff exceeds that of the last World Cup. An analyst and a physical therapist in charge of individual players were added each. In particular, the performance of the analysis team consisting of professional scouts and data experts is expected.

The additional analysis staff to join the Clinsman include Scottish professional scout Mark Fotheringham, and Chris Roxston, who has worked for FIFA as a data specialist.

Fotheringham, who played for Scottish club Celtic FC, holds a UEFA P license and has coached for Hertha Berlin and other clubs. He also led Huddersfield Town until early last year. He is in charge of game analysis.

Rockston is an expert in data analytics, with a history of being the leader of FIFA’s performance analysis and insights group during the 2022 World Cup. Klinsmann also joined the group as its team leader. Fotheringham has already made the squad and has been observing matches in other countries, including the opening match of the Asian Cup. Rockston plans to join the team from the very first match against Bahrain.

They are figures with a history and career that are difficult to attract, but they were contacted through Klinsmann’s personal network with global status, and they were willing to participate as a staff at the request of the director.

Two physical therapists were also added. They meet the qualifications required by the association, and they have already worked with the association before the Asian Cup. Song Byung-chul, a physical therapist, has been involved with Hwang In-beom. Koo Sung-hoon, a physical therapist, is in charge of Cho Kyu-sung, who helped improve his physicality when he was managing director Kim Cheon. In this Asian Cup, the players will be divided into several groups, and each physical therapist will be in charge of several players.

At the request of coach Klinsmann and players, an “Avengers” class division has been completed to play in the Asian Cup. This shows the tremendous will of Klinsmann, who has put his life and death into winning the championship.

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