Apartment windows ‘shaken’ by strong wind… The situation in Busan just before the landfall of Typhoon ‘Kanun’

The Busan area is currently under the direct influence of Typhoon Kanun, and it is raining heavily with gusty winds. An anonymous viewer sent

a video of the collapsed central guardrail in토토사이트 Daeshin-dong, Seo-gu, Busan to KBS .

In addition, the video shows apartment windows shaking and facilities shaking in strong winds all over Busan.

Today, when the typhoon warning went into effect, the expected precipitation in Busan is 100-200mm, and it will rain up to 300mm in many places.

In particular, there may be areas with torrential rain of 60 to 80 mm per hour until the morning.

In the morning, strong winds of more than 40 m/s are expected, and waves of up to 7 m are expected.

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