“Are you a carrot?” A teenager who jumped out with a Rolex… I searched for a nickname

The seller personally caught a teenage criminal who ran away with an expensive온라인바카라 luxury watch while meeting for a used transaction and reported it to the police. However, they are in a situation where they cannot return the goods, so they are bursting with anger.

According to Yonhap News on the 22nd, Mr. A (28), who lives in Seoul, decided to sell a Rolex watch worth 15 million won to Mr. B (18) at Carrot Market, a second-hand trading site, and met near his house on February 27 at 9:00 pm. However, Mr. B ran away after receiving the Rolex watch to look at things for a while. Mr. A, who was wearing slippers, could not catch up with Mr. B.

Mr. A reported it to the police, but the only thing he knew about Mr. B was his carrot market nickname, so he only replied that it would be difficult to catch the culprit. Mr. A did not give up. He began to search for the culprit in earnest by searching the Internet himself.

After searching through the carrot market focusing on Mr. B’s nickname, Mr. A found out that Mr. B was selling luxury shoes and even posted his cell phone number. Furthermore, on a site called Dutch, where victims of Internet scams share cell phone numbers and account numbers of criminals, they contacted those who had suffered similar damage to obtain basic information such as B’s picture and residence.

Mr. A found the same face and name as Mr. B on SNS using the information. It is said that it took less than a day for Mr. A to find out all the information about Mr. B. Mr. A delivered all of this information to the police on February 28, and Mr. B eventually turned himself in.

However, since Mr. B surrendered and was a minor, he was investigated without detention. Police also explained that the punishment could be milder because he is a minor. Furious, Mr. A called Mr. B directly, but heard that he had already sold his watch at a bargain price and spent all the money. Mr. B did not even tell who he sold the watch to.

Accordingly, Mr. A started looking for his watch again from March 2nd. She first called places that deal and appraise her watches to see if her Rolex was for sale, then searched all the second-hand trading sites. In the meantime, she found out that her product was for sale in Busan, and immediately went down to Busan to meet the watch seller with the police.

The watch that Mr. B picked up and bounced was initially sold for 5 million won, then reached the current owner again for 8 million won, and this owner was selling the product for 10 million won. However, under the current law, Mr. A was in a situation where he had to pay 8 million won, the purchase price of the current owner, to get the watch back. Mr. A returned to Seoul and summarized these contents and additionally delivered them to the police on March 4th.

Incheon Namdong Police Station recently confirmed the contents of Mr. A’s investigation and booked Mr. B without detention and sent him to the prosecution.

A police official said, “I know that one or two more transactions were made after Mr. A sold the product. There was considerable difficulty in tracing the stolen property,” he said. “In the end, I found the watch, but it was difficult to confiscate it because the current owner made a ‘good faith acquisition’ that was not related to the crime. If Mr. B wants to receive damage compensation, he has no choice but to file a civil lawsuit,” he explained to Yonhap News.

Mr. A, who personally caught the thief in one day and found the watch in three days, was indignant at the lax legal system. He said, “The culprit was not even sentenced to prison, and I was the only one who suffered losses. This is the reality of Korean victims. It is a sin to be stolen,” he said. “It is like encouraging a minor to commit a crime for the first time. The law is weak, so isn’t it common for minors to commit crimes? Victims do not receive any protection,” he said to the media.

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