“Both players and teams are willing to part ways”… Barca’s centerpiece is finally up for sale

Barcelona midfielder Frenkie De Jong is likely to leave the upcoming summer transfer window team. 헤라카지노

Spain’s Relevo said on the 9th (Korea time), “The future of the dragon is more open than ever. It is probably the closest he has been to leaving the team since joining Barcelona in the 2020-21 season. Reporter Luis Canut explained on ‘Onze d’Esport3’ that the dragon will no longer close the door to leaving Barcelona.”

He added, “Things could be completely different this summer. Even though The Dragon is an important player under Xavi Hernandez, he explained that he is disappointed with the current situation at Barcelona.”

Barcelona is also reportedly not satisfied with The Dragon. The media explained, “From what we have learned, Barcelona has doubts about The Dragon. His performance is not as expected, and Barcelona is already starting to think that they should sell one important player in the team. The Dragon is the most preferred.”

Born in the Netherlands, The Dragon made his professional debut in Billum II in 2014, played for Ajax from the 2016-17 season after playing for the Ajax reserve team. Despite his young age, he is a midfielder with de-pressure, physical, speed, passing ability, defense, and soccer intelligence, and can play as a rear playmaker and center back as well as a center midfielder.

He demonstrated his competitiveness not only in the Netherlands but also in Europe. The dragon played a key role in Ajax’s advance to the semifinals of the UEFA Champions League in the 2019-19 season. With such performance, Barcelona successfully recruited him by actively courting him. The dragon has played 205 games since moving to Barcelona, and has been a key midfielder.

Rumors of a transfer continued even after he joined the Barcelona team. Manchester United has been aggressive in courting him. Since Erik ten Hag’s inauguration, Manchester United has launched a campaign to recruit The Dragon. Barcelona also wanted to sell The Dragon due to financial problems. However, the transfer failed because The Dragon did not want to leave.

However, things have changed. The Daily Mail reported, “Now both the players and the club are willing to part ways. The dragon is disappointed with the club’s current position and believes that expectations have not been met, especially when it comes to challenging UEFA UCL.”

On top of that, coach Xavi will leave the team this coming summer. A new coach has yet to be decided, but some of the existing players are likely to leave the team. The dragon is also very likely to take on a new challenge.

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