Breaking representatives Jeon Ji-ye and Kim Ye-ri advance to the World Championships… Ticket to Paris Goal

The Breaking national team will participate in the토토사이트 World Championships with the goal of securing a ticket to the Paris Olympics next year.

The Dance Sports Federation of Korea announced that B-girls Jeon Ji-ye (Freshbella) and Kim Ye-ri (Yell), and B-boy member Park Min-hyuk (Zooty Zoot) will participate in the World Breaking Championships to be held in Leuven, Belgium on the 23rd and 24th.

B-boy Kim Heon-woo (Wing), who was originally included in the entry list, decided to focus on the Asian Games instead of the World Championships.

The Breaking national team is aiming for a ticket to the Paris Olympics in this competition.

The winner of the World Championships goes directly to the Paris Olympics.

The five players ranked 2nd to 6th will receive the right to participate in the Olympic Qualifier Series (OQS), a qualifying event for the Paris Olympics.

Among the Korean national team, Kim Heon-woo won the Asian Breaking Championships held in Hangzhou, China last July, securing a spot in the Olympic qualifiers.

The Breaking team will leave the country on the 20th.

The 16 direct tickets to next year’s Paris Olympics will be given priority to one winner of the World Championships and five winners of each continental championship.

In Asia, the winner of the Hangzhou Asian Games goes directly to the Olympics.

The remaining 10 tickets will be distributed through the Olympic Qualifier Series, which is the Olympic qualifying event.

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