Can I be vaccinated for the first button wrong?

The tournament began with a loss in the first round of the preliminary round. Could the wrong first button be a vaccination against the heavenly cause?

In the 13th, at the Inje Riding Center in Inje-gun, Gangwon-do, Master-wook Master Wook and the 2nd Inje Tournament (hereinafter referred to as the 2nd tournament) Korea League men’s group B qualifiers 19 days after a close match. lost by -20. Park Min-soo made a series of 2-point shots, including a buzzer beater, and pursued relentlessly, but was unable to regain the initiative.

It was an unexpected defeat for In-Zero, who set out to win the championship. Park Min-soo said, “In the finals of the first tournament, I lost without showing anything. I was determined to do it properly in this tournament, but I was complacent from the first game,” he said, swallowing regret.

As Park Min-soo said, the 2nd competition was a competition that the sky descended with the goal of revenge. In the first competition held at the plaza in front of the Seoul Shinmunsa on the 16th of last month, Hanul Construction lost 11-17 and stayed in second place.

The 2nd tournament was held in Inje-gun, the home of Heavenly Inje. Inje-gun has established itself as a mecca for 3×3 basketball by hosting the Korea Tour every year since 2017, including the founding of the first unemployed team, Sky Down Inje. Also, the Inje Riding Center has recently emerged as a representative tourist attraction in Inje-gun.토스카지노

However, since the Inje Riding Center was the first court where the tournament was held, it was an environment that could not be said to be favorable for Inje Riding Center. Of course, the Heavenly Inje did not use this as an excuse. “It was about 50km away from Inje-gun Office, so we felt like we were away rather than home (laughs). All teams are equally affected by the wind. I wish we had won, but we just lost because we were so bad.” Minsoo Park said.

Although they suffered a blow in the first round of the preliminary round, Inje, who came down from the sky, has a high chance of advancing to the final round as they play the second round of the preliminary round against Chosun University A. Park Min-soo said, “The moment you flutter, you lose. I have to do my best as I am doing,” he said, reaffirming his determination to face the remaining games.

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