Cheonan City recruits Damir, who was called ‘Suwon Yuk-yuk’

K-League 2 Cheonan City FC, which is preparing for the first season of the pro league, recruited Bosnian midfielder Damir Sovsic (33). It is expected that the quality of the forward pass will be raised to the next level as Damir, whose strength is in wide field of view and movement to find space, joins Cheonan City FC. After completing the medical test, Damir joined the team during winter training in Chonburi, Thailand.

Damir is already familiar to K-League fans. 메이저놀이터 This is because he joined K-League 1 Suwon Samsung in 2017 and has a history of playing as an offensive midfielder for one season. At the time, the number 66 uniform he wore during his joining test became a hot topic, and he was also nicknamed ‘Yuk-yuk’ because he wore the number 66 uniform in the K-League. Although he failed to record offensive points in the K-League, his creative forward passing and active movements during the build-up process were highly praised.

Damir, who started playing for Croatian team NK Zagreb in 2009, is a veteran who is already celebrating his 15th professional season. In the meantime, he gained experience in various teams, including Croatian Pro League teams such as NK Loko Motiva Zagreb and Dinamo Zagreb, as well as Hapoel Tel Aviv (Israel), Sandetsja Novi Socchi (Poland), and HSK Zriniski Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina). . He also has experience participating in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League, as well as the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League and Europa League during his time at Suwon Samsung.

In Cheonan City FC, along with Brazilian midfielder Hodouf, who has good dribbling and ball keeping skills, it is expected that he will strengthen his back and diversify his attacking routes. As each has distinct strengths, it is predicted that there is a high possibility of developing into a combination that complements each other’s weaknesses and maximizes the strengths.

After completing his joining process, Damir joined the team in Chonburi, Thailand, where winter training is underway. He said, “I am happy to return to Korea by joining Cheonan City FC. I have experience in the K-League, so there is no problem adjusting to life in Korea.” He also conveyed his determination and expectations for the new season. He said, “Cheonan City FC is a new team challenging the professional league. It will be an important season in which we will have to fight hard to grow to the next level. As we have the goal of becoming the best player in the best team, we will work hard for the team. We hope the fans will cheer us on at the stadium.”

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