Coach Kim Eun-joong “The first goal is to advance to the U20 WC tournament”

 Kim Eun-joong, the head coach of the men’s U-20 soccer team, set the goal of advancing to the tournament after the FIFA (International Football Federation) U-20 World Cup grouping was decided. 

The U-20 national team, led by coach Kim Eun-joong, entered Group F with France, Honduras and Gambia as a result of the U-20 World Cup draw held at the FIFA headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland on the 21st (Korean time).

Korea won a ticket to this tournament by advancing to the semifinals at the U-20 Asian Cup held in Uzbekistan last month.

France, which won the championship and runner-up each in the last two adult World Cups, is difficult, but it is said that it is worth trying against the other two teams.

First of all, France, who won the tournament in 2013 and reached the quarterfinals in the previous tournament in 2019, will face Kim Eun-joong in the first game, and a difficult match is expected. France, which qualified for this tournament by finishing in a tie for third place at the U-19 European Championships last year, proved the firepower of Roum Chauna (Rennes), who won the top scorer at the European Championship, and Alain Virgenius (Lille), who tied for second place in scoring. analyzed

However, in the case of Honduras, in the previous tournament, 2019, it has never stood out, such as a 0-12 defeat to Norway, where Elling Hollan played a key role. This is the ninth U-20 World Cup finals, but all of them have been eliminated from the group stage before.

It is only the second time that Gambia has qualified for the finals after 2007. However, it seems difficult to be vigilant as they passed the African qualifiers in second place. 

Immediately after the group draw, coach Kim Eun-joong told the Korea Football Association, “All teams that have advanced to the World Cup are not easy opponents. We must prepare well from the moment the group draw is over. I will do well,” he said. 

Initially, the group draw was scheduled for March 30 in Indonesia, the previous host country, but Indonesia was canceled due to religious reasons with Israel, the host country, and only recently Argentina was selected as the new venue.

With the opening on May 21, a month later, director Kim’s plan has become quite tight. Regarding the future U20 national team schedule, he said, “There is not much time. We call for short training from next week, but we cannot convene all of them. Because we are playing on our team, the schedule for everyone to gather is expected to be two weeks before the tournament.” 먹튀검증

He predicted, “In a way, it will be a situation where we have to thoroughly prepare for various things such as team organization in the country after playing weekend games.” 

Lastly, coach Kim said, “Since the group formation came out, the first goal is to prepare well from now on and advance to the tournament. Since the tournament is a knockout system, I think it is a fight for the condition, preparation, and team atmosphere of the day. Before advancing to the tournament, the group stage I will do well from the beginning so that I can achieve good results.” 

Kim Eun-joong will be convened at Paju NFC for three days from the 24th to start training for the World Cup. 

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