‘Collapse of side defense’ Manchester United are in a state of emergency!…Core LB season out → It’s unclear until he plays in the Euros

Manchester United is in danger of having to play the rest of the season without a key defender. It is reported that Luke Shaw is out for the season due to injury and could fail to play at the European Championship this summer.

The Daily Mail exclusively reported on the 22nd (Korea time) that “Manchester United defender Luke Shaw suffered a major injury that could miss the rest of this season,” adding, “Eric Turnhach has lost a reliable left-back, and England national team coach Gareth Southgate is also sweating ahead of Euro 2024.” Shaw’s injury is serious.

Shaw was replaced by extra time after failing to finish the first half due to injury in the 25th round of the 2023-24 Premier League away game at Kernalworth Road in Luton, England, on the 19th.

Manchester United won its fourth consecutive league victory by defeating Luton, who scored one goal after Rasmus Hoyloun’s multi-goal early in the first half, 2-1. At the same time, it narrowed the gap with fifth-place Tottenham Hotspur to three points. However, concerns that Shaw’s injury is worse than expected are likely to cause difficulties in forming a squad for the rest of the season.

Shaw has not been a big contributor due to constant injuries this season. He had a muscle injury in August last year and was sidelined for about three months until November. After returning from injury, he played as a key defender in both left and center backs. However, he suffered a recurrence of injury from December to January, and missed four more games. Due to the injury he sustained in the game against Luton, he is on the verge of missing out on the rest of the season. 꽁머니

The problem is that United do not have the right left-back resources. Tyrell Malacia, another left-back, has had two knee surgeries this season and has yet to play a single game. The pace of recovery is also not very positive.

As a result, Manchester United hired Sergio Reguilon from Tottenham in the first half of the season to fill the vacancy. At the time, Reguilon played as the main left-back when Shaw was injured. When Shaw returned from injury, United ended his loan contract with Reguilon, who was re-leased to Brentford.

However, as Shaw has been injured again, there are currently no professional left-back resources available. There is also a way to use center-back Viktor Lindelof and midfielder Sofiane Amrabat as left-backs, but neither of them showed good performance when playing as left-backs.

Manchester United hoped for Shaw’s quick recovery, but rather, they were troubled by the news that it was an injury that was expected to be out of the season.

According to the Daily Mail, Turnhach said, “I can’t say anything right now. We have to wait at least until tomorrow to see exactly what condition he is in. He doesn’t look very well.”

“After recovering from a hamstring injury, Shaw returned to the first division in early February. However, he is expected to miss 12 weeks due to an injury against Luton,” said The Athletic, a global sports media outlet. This means that he was virtually out of the season until the end of May.

“Show’s season has come to an end. It is unclear whether he will play in Euro 2024 due to a hamstring injury. Shaw will not be able to play for another three months,” he said.

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