Collapsing professional baseball. At least a minimum level of trust

“If something explodes here, something explodes there… I’m really distracted.”

This is a complaint from a professional baseball team official. This is because incidents and accidents in the professional baseball KBO league have not ceased. I can’t even remember the sluggishness in the World Baseball Classic (WBC). There is even a bitter joke about whether professional baseball news should be dealt with in the social aspect of newspapers.

Professional baseball suffered severe body aches ahead of the opening. Former Lotte Giants pitcher Seo Joon-won was charged with “producing sexual exploitation of minors”, and Jang Jeong-seok, former general manager of the KIA Tigers, “requested money for FA contracts” followed. After the season began, illegal gambling on the Internet raised its head. Suspicions about LG Twins outfielder Lee Cheon-woong, which had been rumored for a long time, were revealed as facts. Lee Cheon-woong always denied the related information, but belatedly admitted the truth when the judicial authorities launched a full-scale investigation.

Nevertheless, the KBO League is also a box office hit. A total of 709,328 spectators visited the baseball field in the 63 games played until the 16th. That’s an average of 11,259 per game. This is a 33.4% increase from last season’s average of 8,439 spectators. Although it is in the early stages, fans are not giving up their love for professional baseball. The baseball world also showed an encouraging reaction, saying, “It seems that the fans are giving it a second chance.”

There are several factors that attract spectators to a baseball field. It’s not just because the game is fun. It is largely because the desire for outdoor activities, which had been limited by Corona 19, was released all at once. The popularity of baseball-related TV entertainment programs such as ‘The Strongest Baseball’ also had an impact. The problem is that if such bad news continues, fans can turn their backs at any time.

Each professional baseball player is a private business owner.먹튀검증 Even if the club manages it, there are bound to be limitations. It is not as easy as it sounds to teach grown adults who receive hundreds of millions to billions of won in annual salary. A moment of inattention destroys what has been built up so far. If you don’t overcome all the temptations, you will fall into hell at that moment. “You should never do anything you shouldn’t do. You have to think about your future as well as your family’s future.” I hope you don’t forget the desperate cry of a senior player who should be deeply engraved in everyone’s heart.

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