Cuban national team bullpen catcher exiled to the United States

The Cuban national team, who visited the United States to participate in the World Baseball Classic (WBC), came out.

Local media such as the ‘Miami Herald’ reported on the 21st (Korean time) that Cuban national team bullpen catcher Ivan Prieto (26) had left the national team.

The Cuban national team returned home to Cuba immediately after finishing the semi-final match against the United States held at Londipo Park in Miami, Florida the previous day. He didn’t come on this return trip.

Prieto has played catcher for the past eight seasons in the Cuban League. He posted career batting averages of 0.291, on-base percentage of 0.384, and slugging percentage of 0.389.

Although he had a decent performance, this tournament was controversial because he joined as a bullpen catcher rather than a player.

It is not uncommon for Cuban players to defect from their teams while participating in international competitions. This is the first time an exiled player has appeared in the WBC.

Meanwhile, Cuba ended the tournament with a 2-14 defeat to the United States in the semifinals held the previous day.

On the day of the match held in Miami, a region adjacent to Cuba, a considerable number of Cuban immigrants visited the stadium.

According to local media,먹튀검증 these fans did not favor the Cuban national team. On this day, a placard with the slogan “Freedom to Cuba” appeared at Londipor Park, and fans chanted “Libertad”, showing their longing for Cuba’s freedom. In the middle of the game, fans even stormed the ground.

Cuban President Miguel Diascanel tweeted: “You have won three times. We won as a team, we won by being number one, we fought and won against a great team and our worst haters. They made history,” he praised the national team.

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